The beverage industry is constantly evolving. New trends arise year after year: sometimes they occur as sudden phenomena, but in some cases they can create the prerequisites for major and radical changes that, if carefully valued and evaluated, turn into important business opportunities. The market has always lived through different epochs represented by the boom of a spirit: the case of the most noble among the distillates, gin, however, has managed to make history to itself.


With gin, first of all, we are faced with a phenomenon of global reach, which can radically change the culture of drinking from production to barroom. It’s not  just about the rediscovery of great classic cocktails that have brought a multi-century product back to life; the focus is increasingly on the product neat, or simply mixed into the most exemplary gin&tonic.


A long wave, driven by the constant coming out of new distilleries, resulting in the production of new distillates and the equally obvious impulse generated in other sectors of the beverage industry, as in the case of tonic waters.

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theGINday is born in 2012, at the beginning of the “Gin Era”, as a simple but effective format, able to give a new value to the concept of B2B. The growth, from edition to edition, in terms of brands presences and operators, attested how the adherence to this beverage world is real and effective for an event like theGINday, in his promoting the development of this unique spirit.